Friday, September 6, 2013

Insta-Friday Vacation Edition

I haven't done Insta-Friday in awhile.
So let's just cover our vacation in photos mkay?!
Here we are just starting out on our 12 hour drive to North Carolina!

Here is my crazy bunch of kids at our first night in the hotel.
Of course they wanted to drag the tired parents to the pool!

Another day on the road.
Now I'm starting to see mountains.
I will never tired of seeing rocks shoot straight up out of the earth!
 This year we vacationed in Flat Rock, NC.
We went to a family camp called Joni & Friends.
If you have a family member with a disability
due to an accident for from birth
you MUST attend one
So refreshing!!

Addie enjoying some cotton candy :)

Addie made a friend

What's this? A walk sans kids! 

 Horseback riding for the kids :)

Here is Alaina with her buddy :)
All week long the kids get buddies to
hang out with and make them feel loved and special!
It rocks!

We made a family pit stop at the Creation Museum.
The kids had a lot of fun!

Colorful bugs :)

Some natural beauty in the gardens, it was so hot this day!

 of course I had to throw in a photo of little Elise :)
in this photo she is 11 months old!

life rearranged


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Denise said...

Your photos are fun.

My husband and I vacationed in NC & SC this summer. Fun folks out there in the East.

That last photo of Elise is darling.