Thursday, August 22, 2013


Yesterday we had a fun day out with Alaina.
It was filled with a few appointments, but we made the most of it fitting in some fun too!
We had a pre-surgical tour of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.
She kept having a nervous giggle, but I think it helped over all.
One nice thing that we found out yesterday is that her IV will be put in after she falls asleep.
We are so happy about this since she is afraid of needles and is a hard poke!
She was also extremely happy to learn that she can bring her favorite blankie or stuffed animal back to surgery with her! This helped calm her a little I think!

She has one of the most contagious giggles ever :)

This week has been filled with blessings from family and friends.

One of those blessings was our church family had a prayer meeting with us.
One of the great gifts of God is his church (if it is functioning properly).
We are truly blessed to have a church family that cares for and loves us!

This song keeps popping up and I love everything about it!!!
I am going to keep choosing to find the joy in this life!
It is hard to find joy everyday and I'm not going to lie I fail a lot!
But each day is new and a gift from the creator of life and so for that reason alone,
I am going to press on!

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Kathleen Waligora said...

May God bless Alaina and you all throughout this entire time, Trisha. May you feel His unending grace and love and peace. May Alaina be comforted and blessed with amazing results and amazing recovery. Our God is the God of healing! On the way to the cross, Jesus stopped by the whipping post. It was for us! It was for Alaina's healing! It was for your healing! Will continue praying for you all. You are an amazing woman, Trisha.