Monday, June 4, 2012

it's been awhile!

Lindsay over at Pen and Paints blessed me with a beautiful print! You should really check out her shop if you haven't already! She is super rad and I am inspired by her art!!!

Baby girl is growing quite steadily and getting stronger every day. I am officially 24 weeks! This is how far along I was when I had little Alaina. 1 pound 11 ounces... despite the awfulness of having a preemie it's kind of neat to know what she looks like all tucked in there. But let's stay put baby!!!

Here is what is keeping my hands busy during my down time. Which is usually when all the kiddos are sleeping or on the weekend. I decided to make it for the baby, but may change my mind and give it to the girls for their baby dolls. Because I am learning how to make this tomorrow!

About 2 weeks ago my littlest sister got married! Oh man does that make me feel old! It was a sweet and simple ceremony. It was a perfect day for a cute couple! This picture was taken at the end of the night, but I love it... we all look so content, besides Levi. He was in explorer mode and was only content running back and forth :)

Look mom NO hands!
Addie had a blast driving Levi around the yard last weekend!
Although, he would look at me every once in awhile and his face would say,
"mom this chick should not be driving!" :)

Our last day of school is Wednesday.
How do I prep myself for the farewell Kindergarten party?
Every time I think about it I start to tear up...
I do NOT want to cry at her party...
but mix all the emotions of having your babies grow up and a hormonal 6 month pregnant lady,
yep, I for see the ugly cry coming on!

Oh and remember the birds that laid cute blue eggs in our grill?!

Well they grew up and have "flown the coop" so to speak.
But the hubby checked it out the other day and there were 3 new eggs in the grill.
Seriously, this has got to stop!
I want my deck back and not covered in bird poop, plus it's summer, I would like to grill my food!
And while I like little sweet birdies, these birds are not all that sweet.
They like to destroy things and are more of a nuisance than anything.
So yesterday was the day... the nest got dismantled!
We may have a re-enactment of, "The Birds" on our hands.
Wish us luck :)

Okay, Happy Monday.