Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Novica... A $75 Giveaway!!!

This giveaway is now closed!

Are you ready for a giveaway?

Have you ever heard of Novica?
It is a site dedicated to handcrafted goods made by artisans from around the globe.
Now you might be thinking... don't you mean Etsy?
Nope... I meant Novica ;)

The handcrafted items you will find on this site are authentic to the regions they come from.
It's like you are walking down a cobblestone street shopping in
Central America, Mexico, Brasil or even Bali...
only you are sitting on the couch in your pajamas.
Oh wait that might just be me!

Each artisan has a story and they share it.
Where they are from and why they do what they love.
It is kind of nice to see the faces with the stories.

It took me awhile to pick out what I wanted.
There are so many unique things.
However, in the end it came down to practical.
I can be so predictable sometimes.
This is what I picked out and I am so glad I did.

I am usually a medium, but they only had a small.
I got it anyways.
It fits great.
It is a stretchy jersey material and so soft.
I love that it's white and can go with anything.
Plus I can add a flower pin to jazz it up if I want too.

Here are a few other things from the site that caught my eye...

How cute are these gloves?

What about this shawl/scarf?
I LOVE the colors...

This is only a few things offered on the site.
They have purses, jewelry, wallets, items for your home and even the man in your life!

Now comes the fun part... the chance to win $75 towards anything on the Novica site.

How to enter...

Visit their site and come back and tell me one thing you might like to purchase.
You have to leave the comment in the comment section.

To keep things simple you can only enter one time.

This giveaway will go until this coming Saturday, March 31, 2012.
I will announce the winner at 5pm Eastern time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

my mind is mush... i have no title

I am having a giveaway!
Have you ever heard of Novica?
I hadn't either until a few months ago.
I was given the opportunity to give a review for their site.
In return one of you will be the winner of a $75 gift certificate!
That is a lot of money to play around with.
Their site is loaded with lots of unique items made by fabulous people from all over the world!

Come back tomorrow afternoon to see what I got and to enter to win the G.C. :)


Friday, March 23, 2012


My week in photos from my iPhone...

hoop art i made for my sisters bridal shower.

baby #4 at 12 weeks 4 days.

somehow it went from being winter to summer here in Michigan.

road trip for me for a girly weekend.

visiting my brother-in-law and sisters restaurant for breakfast with the family.

my mom and dad's porch.

visiting old navy.

some of the yummy food for my sisters shower.
homemade cupcakes. yum.

my mom found her inner bakerella and made these beauties.

name tags for the guests. mason jars are awesome!
filled with yummy chocolate.

sisters are the best.
me and the bride :)
favorite shoes and my feet hurt!
this is what happens with your mom and sisters when you are tired!
attractive... getting prepped for surgery.
the dreaded IV is in.
my view... IV line, puke bowl and a beautiful sky.
room service. their hospital food isn't so bad.
preventing blood clots.

homemade cheesecake from this recipe. she wasn't lying. this stuff is amazing!
bed rest stinks BIG time. my view from the couch.
another view from the couch. i loathe calliou.
trying on sissy's glasses. stinker :)

bed rest does stink, but cuddles are the best.

a friend brought over dinner and cupcakes. he liked the cupcakes :)

life rearranged


Thursday, March 8, 2012

the bestest granola bars evah...

Can you be in love with granola bars?
Well, I am so in love with this snack-a-roo. (too much Cat in the Hat lately)
My friend Roxanne (no blog) gave me this incredibly easy and yummy recipe!
I'm wondering if you eat a whole pan if they are still healthy for you?
The best part about it is my seriously picky eaters...
as in, won't eat
mac and cheese,
you know the normal stuff!
Will eat these!
Okay enough about my little ankle biters!

I have to say that these are WAY better than the store bought brands! HONEST!

Here is the recipe!

3 cups of quick oats
1 cup rice krispies
3/4 cup wheat germ
1 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
3/4 cup honey
1 cup mini chocolate chips

mix together and pat down in a 9x13" pan.
they lasted in the fridge for 5 days!