Friday, April 27, 2012


I seriously can't believe how fast my days are going lately!
About every other day I think, I need to write that down or blog that and
then BAM it's the next week already!
How is this happening?
Here is my week in Instagram photos.

Alaina turned 8 last week. Again with the whole time thing. Where is it going?
We celebrated with having some girls over and we made beaded bracelets or necklaces.
It was fun!

Here is the birthday girl... she didn't want to participate in the next activity.
She just wanted to boss everyone around. oi vey!

Here is the other activity we did... Marshmallow towers.
They were fun. I got the idea from my friend Crystal.

We found these in our grill... I guess we won't be grilling anything for awhile!
Can't wait until they hatch!

Here is my little guy playing with little people!
He was so content playing by himself! He was quiet for over an hour!

Addie wanted to dress like me :) I love it!

I decided to try crocheting. After I saw the most beautiful hexagon blanket...
I just had to start one! Here is the pattern.
I had a sweet friend come over and help me get started.

This is my first ever hexagon completed... She was a rad teacher! Very patient with me!

Here I am on my way to THE doctor's appointment/ultrasound! Boy or girl?!

We were so thankful for a great report of a healthy baby! It is so amazing to see your
baby on that monitor!
This coming September it's gonna be another girl! :)

Here is me being brave and trying the hexagon all by myself.
This small circle took me 2 whole hours... my hands were killing me after that!

I do a lot of waiting for kids...
I decided to treat myself with a Starbucks and practice my crocheting skills!

Do you like Wendy's frosty's? I do, but never buy them.
Here is a little trick my mom taught me a long time ago.
Use your vanilla ice cream and sprinkle Hershey's baking cocoa on top.
Hand mix it and voila you have a soft served creation. So good!

Baby birds still haven't hatched yet!

life rearranged

I'm joining Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for InstaFriday.


Pink Slippers said...

the picture of baby is my favorite. i love those kinda moments.

Shirley said...

Hi! So I saw your comment over at Life Rearranged and thought you meant you were 58 days late with one of your babies and had to jump over to check you out! LOL!! I can't believe what an airhead thought that was. Anyway I hope your next 58 days goes smoothly for you, love your blog! :)