Friday, March 23, 2012


My week in photos from my iPhone...

hoop art i made for my sisters bridal shower.

baby #4 at 12 weeks 4 days.

somehow it went from being winter to summer here in Michigan.

road trip for me for a girly weekend.

visiting my brother-in-law and sisters restaurant for breakfast with the family.

my mom and dad's porch.

visiting old navy.

some of the yummy food for my sisters shower.
homemade cupcakes. yum.

my mom found her inner bakerella and made these beauties.

name tags for the guests. mason jars are awesome!
filled with yummy chocolate.

sisters are the best.
me and the bride :)
favorite shoes and my feet hurt!
this is what happens with your mom and sisters when you are tired!
attractive... getting prepped for surgery.
the dreaded IV is in.
my view... IV line, puke bowl and a beautiful sky.
room service. their hospital food isn't so bad.
preventing blood clots.

homemade cheesecake from this recipe. she wasn't lying. this stuff is amazing!
bed rest stinks BIG time. my view from the couch.
another view from the couch. i loathe calliou.
trying on sissy's glasses. stinker :)

bed rest does stink, but cuddles are the best.

a friend brought over dinner and cupcakes. he liked the cupcakes :)

life rearranged



Danna said...

That is crazy that you live in Holland! I have family in Muskegon! I hope that all is well from your surgery! You have lovely pictures.
Have a great weekend!

julie s said...

Caillou's voice, no make that Rosie's voice drives me crazy! I agree with you totally!

Chance said...

Wow. You had a full week! I love the hoop!

Shannon Bromenschenkel said...

I'm from Grand Rapids! I'll actually be in Holland tomorrow to shoot a wedding!!!! Isn't this weather just crazy? I absolutely adore the chairs on your mom and dad's porch! Great picture!

Stitchingmum said...

Gorgeous pics of your life and beautiful children :-)

oliverblue photography said...

Baby #4!!! So exciting! Baby #3 could not be more adorable! What a stud ;)