Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I can't believe how fast January is going.
I had big ambitions to blog lots more.
Not only to keep you faithful readers up on whats going on,
but to document more of my life and the kiddos day to day stuff.
I wasn't shooting for every day because I know myself.
I would have failed before I started!
I'm still going to try! :)

I also want to do weigh in wednesdays.
I skipped last week on purpose.
I had gained weight and was embarrassed.
This week I am back down again.
It is SO hard to be intentional about losing weight.
I really like food, yo!
Just keeping it real.

My baby Levi has the flu today.
He is needy and clingy and whiny :(
It is sad to watch.
And icky to be puked all over!
There has been lots of cuddling and watching Disney online!

On the shop front...
I am getting ready to put these into the shop!

I am in LOVE with this batch of headbands!
I want to keep them all :)


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