Monday, January 9, 2012

Addie turns 6

Addie turned 6 years old last Thursday!
SIX... I am still in denial.
She is seriously one of the spunkiest kids I know!
I'm sure many parents can relate when I say spunky!
She got a diary for Christmas and it has been fun to see her write in it :)
She lets me read it!
I wonder how long that is going to last?
Last Friday she cleaned the whole house!
I'm not even joking! Even the bathroom.
She did ask if I would help her clean her room.
I said sure.
When I asked her, "what makes you want to clean the whole house?"
She said, "I want to make it nice for when Aunt Sarah and Andrew when they come over!"
She was getting mad with Levi every time he pulled out another toy.
Jeremy said, "isn't it annoying when you work so hard cleaning up and someone messes it up!"
"Yes!!!" she said.
I don't think she made the connection :)

I am so excited to see what this year holds for you my sweet Addie.
You are growing in your faith and it is so neat to see you want to please Jesus!
I love that you are learning to read and write!

The things you asked for are (and I quote):

"I Rile wont a marikin dol and los uv mune"

I really want an American girl doll and lots of money. :)

We told her that those dolls were very expensive
and that if you wanted one than you can save your own money.
When you save up enough money mom and dad will take you
on a train trip to Chicago where you can pick out your very own doll!
Alaina quickly jumped on board with this idea and decided that's what she wants to do too!
So that is why she wants, "los uv mune"! :)

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