Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Ramblings

I have been really bad at taking pictures lately.
It makes me sad actually.
I love photos.
I love capturing the everyday!
For instance.
Today we went out and cut down our tree.
No pictures.
What is a miracle though...
We picked it out,
cut it down,
and put it up in our house all in under an hour!
That my friends is a Christmas miracle.
Back to the photos.
I am super excited to be getting an iPhone
next month.
I'm hoping to be able to use my camera
on my phone a lot!
I always have my phone with me.
If you have any good apps you just have to tell me about,
please do!

Also, I've reached over 400 posts.
I'm thinking that is a pretty great milestone.
One so great it deserves a giveaway.
However, most of my readers are stalkers.
So in order to be involved in this giveaway
you are going to need to unlurk and start commenting :)
I promise it's going to pay off

So today leave me a comment telling me
what are must have apps for my phone
what you would be most interested in getting
during the giveaway :)

Here are a few photos of Addie I did recently.
All of these are SOOC. I used my 50mm f/1.4
They are far from perfect, but a little bit of her 5 year old self captured forever. Enjoy.

 She was singing in this one :)


Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

Today is a busy day on the internet.
Cyber Monday.
A day where you can always find a deal.
Even if you aren't looking for one!
Today in my shop everything has FREE shipping.
Enter the coupon code CYBER2011
to get your free shipping.
Today only!
Have a fun day of shopping :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Freebie

Here is my Friday freebie :)
This is what we are going to be using in our advent calender this year.
Feel free to save these to your desktop and print for fun times this Christmas season!
Please remember that this is for personal use only. Do not share or use for profit.
Feel free to send your friends to my blog to be able to print some for their own use! :)

Hope you are enjoying your Holiday weekend!

Monday, November 21, 2011

I am not even joking!

So remember last week when I wrote the post on
Addie's naughtiness creativity...
Well, she's at it again!
During the longest.week.of.my.life.
aka... grounded from coloring.
She thought it would be a great idea to add to the prettiness that was already my lamp shade.
At least she loves me :)
I seriously think when she hasn't drawn for more than 30 minutes her
hand must start to convulse and she just can't control herself!
My question is seriously what isn't her canvas?


Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Freebie

Happy Friday...
Feel free to copy and save to your desktop and print.
For personal use only please!
It is formatted as a 5x7
*** Please don't use this for resale. For personal use only! Feel free to send your friends here to save and print their own copy!***

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful on Paper... Week 3

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday!
I am so excited to be heading home.
It is going to be busy with a different Thanksgiving on
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
We will be so tired come that Sunday.
Either way I am excited to reconnect with so many people!

This week I wanted to highlight my sister.
I have two sisters that I love dearly!
Both are younger... so yes I am the older and wiser one :)
They both hold special places in my heart.
Just wanted to point out that I am not playing favorites!
This is my youngest sister her name is Sarah...
She has a blog and she talks about Jesus.
I love that!
Wow... How do I even put into words the love I have for this girl?
I know my little pea sized brain can't even thunk up the right things!
Either way, I will try.
I am so thankful that she snorts... my true partner in crime!
I am so thankful that she loves Jesus with all of her heart, not just part of it, but ALL of it!
I am so thankful that she loves the lost and the hurt and the weary.
I am so thankful that she loves on my kids.
I am so thankful that she gave up 7 months of her life to take care of my family while I was preggo with little Levi! A true sacrifice of love. Cause let me tell ya... I'm not easy to live with.
Am I right Sarah?
I am so thankful that I get to share an air mattress with her for 4 days next week...
I bet there will be a lot of snorting going on!
I am so thankful that she is one of my bestest friends!

I love you Sarah Rose Hose... xoxoxo

Now come back tomorrow for a fun freebie :) and no it won't be a vlog of me snorting!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Personal Advent Calender

After taking these photos I can't wait to paint my walls and wood work this coming spring!
I am waiting to get new carpet and will do all the painting when the carpet comes out!
I haven't filled the bags yet, I am working on that!
I will write up a post on what goes in each day... hopefully soon!

Can't wait to start this tradition with the kiddos this year!

I joined Trish and Bonnie in their Home for the Holidays Link Party!

Here is a photo sitting on my mantel.
It's of my mom and me and my little sister.
My mom use to wear it on her coat :)
I'm the one that looks sooo happy to be getting her photo taken! (insert sarcasm)

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advent Calender Highlight

 Here are some of the newer advent calenders that have hit the shop

And if you like helping a good cause then click here
to not only buy super cute Christmas cards, but the $$ goes
to bringing is Davis home!


Monday, November 14, 2011

She's Artsy Fartsy

My Addie has extreme art in her blood!
She can out color anyone!

On more than one occasion, she has been told to only color on paper!
She has a hard time remembering.
I've had to magic erase the smiley faces off our dining room table at least a dozen times!
I'm telling you this kid has the bug.
I should put her in a stripe shirt and stick a beret on her head
and see if she could bring home the bacon!
A friend on Facebook was asking how to remove crayon from her TV.
That is an all too familiar place I've been.
It got me thinking about this post and that was 2 1/2 years ago.
Some mammals pee on things to make their mark...
Addie, she draws! (i guess i should be thankful she doesn't pee around every corner!)
So I decided to make an updated list of all the things I can remember her coloring on.

  • couch
  • ottoman
  • the carpet
  • lots of walls
  • the tv
  • dining room table
  • wood floor
  • kitchen bench
  • chairs
  • bunk beds
  • herself
  • all over her side of the van
  • her carseat
  • windows
  • alaina's quilt
  • too many toys to count
So as you can see this list is  long. And my memory isn't very good these days!
Her response to me asking her why she didn't use paper...
"mom, you know I forget! You need to remind me at least 2 times a day!"

I can rest assure that I shouldn't find any new art in the next week.
Why you ask?

She is grounded from all things art for a week!
This punishment will far out weigh any time outs that she would ever get!
For now my house will stay unaltered from any new art,
but I will have a very mopey Michelangelo on my hands!

Hope you have a happy Monday :)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Hoop Art

I LOVE hoop art.
It has been on my list of projects to tackle for awhile now.
They are just so cheery and happy
with a little nostalgia thrown into the mix.

God has been prodding at my heart to be more giving.
Not just to do it because,
but to do it with a spirit of love.

I am joining the woman's ministry team at my church.
I am going to be leading lots of woman in fun crafts.
I don't know how it will all pan out yet,
but it will be fun!!!

I am putting together a craft night a week from today.
The theme is Crafting for Others.
We are going to be making some hoop art
with a person in mind.
So when we are stitching not only can we
be "Chatty Patty's" as Alaina calls people that like to talk
(including herself)
but we can pray intentionally for that person!
This is a 4" hoop

 This is a 9" hoop

Have a happy weekend!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 2... Thankful on Paper

Today marks week two of being thankful on paper.
Yesterday, I decided to write my dad!
My dad is super great.
He still signs his name...
Lou '72
on every card I get.
I love that.
(That's the year he graduated if you didn't get it)

 I love seeing my dad hold my kiddos... melts my heart :)

When I was living at 'home' my dad would
try to wake me up every morning.
The poor guy... I would give him such a hard time!
Now when we stay at my parents house,
I am usually the first to wake up now that I have kids.
But my dad is usually the second to wake up...
So we sit at the kitchen table and have our morning cup of coffee
and chat while the baby eats his banana and cheerios :)

I love sitting in the quiet of the morning with just my dad!

It's special.

I love you dad and I am so thankful for you!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking Care of Business!

The idea behind What I wore Wednesday is to keep yourself accountable.
As a work-at-home mom and a homeschooling mom,
some days you just don't want to get dressed!
Let me tell you, it's never fun though when the doorbell rings at 3pm and you
are still unshowered and in your jammies.

I have been wearing these rings with everything. LOVE them!
This photo is a great reminder to put lotion on at night...
I have sensory issues and I loathe the feeling of lotion on me!!!
Maybe if I wear it at night I won't know that it is on and therefore I won't convulse?!
The photo is blurry but that's what you get for taking it yourself :)
Caridgan... Target
Shirt... Old Navy
Rosie Posie Necklace... DAISYS & dots

Click here to find other inspirational outfits :)


Today is Thankful Wednesday.
It was started last year by Rachel!
She is a sweetie.
She writes.
She reads.
She believes. :)

I am blessed and have so many people to be thankful for in my life.
It's going to be really hard to pick just one for today!
I may have to spread more handwriting love,
since chances are I can't make a decision.
I have a hard time making decisions!


Today is Day 3 of the Happy Day Project!
Today is give a gift card to the homeless.
This day is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone.
I live in a city that seems so well off.
But I would be in complete denial and living
a self-righteous life to think
everyone is okay just because my family has a home.
I feel horrible even asking this question, but
How do I even find a homeless person?
I am going to do it though.
I'm sure I can figure it out.
Time to put on my big girl panties!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Day Project... Day 2 and some pretties

Today is day 2 of the Happy Day Project!
Today you can write someone a note...
A love note.
A note of encouragement.
A thank you note.
The key is... it needs to be handwritten!
Head on over to Joy's Hope for the free download of a
super cute note!!!

On a business note I have made some Rosie Posie rings!
I just love them!
I wear them with EVERYTHING.
More colors are coming soon...
Dark gray, chocolate brown, cream and a dark teal.
Tell me the colors you would love to see these rings in!
All rings are only $10 (plus shipping).


Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Day Project... Day 1

I am joining Julie from Joy's Hope this week.
happy day

How awesome is this idea?
I think it is totally rad.
Each day she will give you a project to do.
To make it even better...
It is something you do for someone else.
To bless them.
To make their day a little brighter.

At first glance,
I was a little nervous.
This is pushing me out of my comfort zone.
Why is it that we as humans stick to what we know?
Seriously, I feel like somedays I am in my own world...
Anything outside of my daily worries or struggles doesn't matter.
I am a creature of habit. 
"Oh really, there are other people that struggle too?"
I am willing to go outside of my comfort zone to bless others.
Are you willing?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful... Week One

I am joining Rachel over on No. 17
Being Thankful on Paper.

This week I am choosing my mom.
I am thankful for...
her willingness to do things for me. Usually, in a moments notice.
her quirky self.
her giggles.
her artsy, talent... (now you know where I get my creativeness)
her drive to do something... she knows how to get a job done!
I am thankful for...
all those times she would put a band-aid on my ouchie.
rock me when I was sad.
pray for me when I am down.
cook for me when I am hungry.
I am thankful that when I go back to her house to stay
(even though I am almost 32) she takes care of me like I've never left.
I am thankful for...
her sweet spirt.
for the fact that she IS crying while reading this.
that she loves me for me, despite my shortcomings.

Thank you mom!
My mommy :)