Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WEiGH in Wednesdays

Today is Weigh in Wednesday!

i'm so happy i made it a whole week being a vegan.
it was tough.
i'm pretty sure i cried at least once.
i wanted to quit several times.
i think the first week is one of the toughest.
your body goes through shock.
'where are my preservatives?'
'i need sugar'
'you know you want to eat that!'

i was amazed to notice how much food i eat between meals,
while preparing food, just bored.
it's crazy.

well last week i said i was 157.
which i should have been more accurate and i was actually 157.5
this week i weighed in at
down a whole 6 pounds!

i am so proud of myself.
happy day to you :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WEiGH in Wednesdays... a day late!

Okay so I started my vegan diet yesterday.
It's going great, so far.
I hate telling people my weight, but I figured it's my only real accountability.
Plus, it's a great way for me to document my progress.

Yesterday, DAY 1, I weighed in at 157... eeek!
I guess I have a wee bit of an excuse. I had a baby 8 months ago.
Now I know some of you beautiful woman can get their baby weight off in like 2 weeks.
Well let me just say good for you :)
I am not one of them.
My body likes to hang on to the weight.
Well, maybe I just like the taste of
sugar, carbs, dairy... pretty much if consumed in large quantities = bad!
So maybe it's a mixture of the above.
My goal weight is 130.
I'm excited, to fit into my clothes and to feel healthier.

If anyone wants to join me. Start now, I would only be two days ahead of you.
My plan is to do this for 6 weeks.
And after those 6 weeks I want to keep my weight off, so I want to make better choices.
So join me :) Let me know if you do!

In case you are thinking. Um, yeah right. I can't just eat fruits and veggies for 6 weeks. She's crazy!
Well, hold on. I will tell you what I ate yesterday and today.

breakfast/ banana and water. (i'm a light breakfast eater to begin with anyways!)
lunch/ corn chips and salsa, 1/4 of a yellow pepper, an apple and some water.
dinner/ we ate at Panera. Garden Veggie soup... YUM! and their Thai Chicken salad without the chicken... again YUM! (and of course water)
snack/ freshly popped popcorn, lightly drizzled with Olive oil and salt.

breakfast/ banana and water
lunch/ corn chips, salsa, guacamole and water.
dinner/ spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and water.
snack/ same as above :)

So there you have it folks. Two days done and I'm feeling great.
Although I did see a picture of really yummy looking lasagna and I think I licked my chops :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a heat wave!

I have been really trying not to purchase fabric, paper and ribbon.
I need to use up what I have.
I have a lot!
Well I have a plethera!
As in dang girl, that's not normal to have that much paper.
It's a fire hazard really!

Anyways, I had to stop into Hobby Lobby today to get more ribbon for my buntings.
I just had to check out the paper aisle.
It's half off this week.
And who knows when it will be on sale again? :)

I found two paper packs that I couldn't resist.
The above was one of them.
I said to myself as I stood in the paper aisle...
'self, if you buy this paper, you better do something with it!'
so after going back and forth for a minute or two with myself.
I agreed!
I got home and I immediately
cut up all the paper, organized it, glued it and took pictures for etsy.
So now I have available in the shop one fully assembled cake and one DiY kit.
(i have two more kits, but i only list one at a time.)
So there you have it, an extremelly accomplished feeling on my part!
Tomorrow I will tackle the other pack and I hope I am just as successful :)

On another note, I have a photoshoot tomorrow :)
It was suppose to be on Saturday, but I got a flat tire and so it needed to be rescheduled!

And lastly, I start my 6 week cleanse again on Wednesday.
I did this about 2 1/2 years ago and I successfully lost 25 pounds.
I am in my sister's wedding on June 4th and I really don't want to look 'puffy' in her wedding photos!
I have about 25 pounds to lose and
so by May 4th I'm really hoping that the fat will melt right off of me!
I am also going to be mixing it with working out.
I am doing the 'Biggest Loser' on the Wii. An excellent workout!!!
So I will be documenting it weekly.
Encouragement helps, so any comments would be greatly appreciated :)
I've done it before... I can do it again!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Matilda Jane Virtual Trunk Show

Have you ever heard of Matilda Jane? It is so pretty. It makes me smile. I have never bought anything from them, but I have been drooling over their items for quite sometime now! I am going to be hosting a Virtual Trunk show on the 1st and 2nd of April. April 1st is when their new clothing line comes out! It suppose to be rad! I can't wait. I am going to get something for me :) We are going to have our family pictures taken this year and I want to look super cute :)
I am having a
Matilda Jane Clothing
Virtual Trunk Show!
  **This line is by far our best yet! 
Don't miss out! Things sell out quickly.**
  Catwalk chic meets backyard comfort! 
Not to mention, mom-approved!  Discover a
new form of expression with sizing from 3m-12y, with a selection of irresistible clothing for you. Inspire your little fashionista to seek out independence, with endless compliments guaranteed!

Hey there! 
I will be hosting a Matilda Jane Virtual Catalog Show beginning on Friday, April 1st.  All orders must be placed by 8:00pm on Saturday, April 2nd.  Please call or email your order to Lauren, our Trunk Keeper, at 616-994-7220 or    She will also be available to answer any question you may have.  Please also let her know that you are ordering for my show so you can save on shipping.  There is a new feature on the Matilda Jane website called Wishlist.  You can make your wishlist and email it to Lauren and then call her with your billing and shipping information.  This is a really easy way to create your MJC order. 
This is the beginning of a new launch and things will go quickly!  The sooner you can get your order in, the more likely you are to get your first choices!

There are some awesome ADULT pieces in this line and even a few pieces for BOYS!  Don't forget to treat yourself too!

Here is the link that you can use to view the
most recent Matilda Jane Clothing Collection.
**Please be sure to click on the picture to see if your size is available!**
Happy Shopping!!!

Lauren Nienhuis
Matilda Jane Clothing
Western Michigan Trunk Keeper

Trunk ID# 170

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten on 3.10.2011

Today I am linking up with Rebekah from a bit of sunshine
This is a fun way to document your day.
Ten photos on the tenth of the month!
Enjoy :)

9am: Levi is teething. I think these are the most stubborn teeth EVER! 
Come out, come out wherever you are!

10am: Took a shower. Apparently with Belle.
I used my new Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner. LOVE.
I am kind of a hair product freak.
I currently have in my shower (along with my new Bed Head) 
Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line and Biolage. YUM :)

11am: Arguing with my 5 year old about what she is going to wear for the day.
This is the foot of her closet. Nice.
After 25 minutes of arguing and going back and forth with her,
I picked the outfit. There were tears. She also wore flip flops.
We live in Michigan. It snowed today.
This should tell you just how difficult she is about her outfits!

12pm: Don't judge. Large Dr. Pepper please!

1pm: Had a parent meeting today at 'The Omelette Shoppe'. 
Thankfully there was another little girl there. Addie made a new friend :)

2pm: Addie & Levi watched the fish swim around the indoor pond.

3pm: Oh my she is looking older and older!
Picked up Alaina at school.
This is a school designed for kids with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. LOVE it!

4pm: Making lasagna.

5pm: He is crabby. He is hungry. He still can't crawl. He is frustrated :)

6pm: The lasagna was yummy :)

7pm: Bathtime. What a cutie :)

P.S. All of my images are SOOC. No time to edit every single photo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Day!

Don't mind the cracker crumbs on Alaina's face :)

Today it is raining.
It sounds so soothing.
It is dark.
I love this kind of weather.
It is good for sleeping in.
Curling up.
Reading a good book.

I said to Alaina this morning.
"Alaina, do you hear the rain?
Doesn't that sound make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book?"

Her reply was,
"No, mom. It makes me want to go out and jump in the puddles. In pink boots!"

I love her and her outlook on life.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Festive Buntings

This is what I have been working on for the past few days.
Lots and lots of triangles!
So cheery :)
Don't mind the rounded corners... I was trying something in Lightroom.
I love the new Amy Butler fabrics.
The fresh snow against the spring colors is so pretty :)

This reminds me of a vintage kitchen.
I love the spunk it gives!
I am in LOVE with this new bunting.
I'm sure I am not the first person to think up puffy clouds.
But I thought it added a sweet touch to this already fun bunting!

For whatever reason when I upload these photos to Etsy the colors are so muted and rather pukey. I'm not sure what happened because they are not that way on here or Facebook?! If anyone has any suggestions why Etsy is being so pooey with my images, I would appreciate it greatly!

I have more buntings waiting to go in the shop.

Check out my shop for all the new items.


Edited to say:
I figured out how to make the Etsy photos more colorful. I originally shot the images in RAW and then saved them as a JPEG. Apparently that affected the image quality on Etsy. Everywhere else it was fine, just not on the site. So I took all the photos over again and just switched the camera to JPEG instead of RAW. Worked :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wendy + Tyler = Blue Lily Awesomeness!

Meet Wendy and Tyler... They are also known as Blue Lily. They are awesome.
Wendy is super sweet and super funny.
I love that a professional can be so silly and not always worried about what everyone thinks!
Tyler is just as sweet and has a smile that is so contagious.
If you don't smile when he does, then you're just weird!
A lot of good times were had during the workshop and hanging out at the par-tay house!
If you go to a Blue Lily GoPro Workshop be careful.
Tyler just might hijack your MAC and reconfigure your dock...
or if you play spoons you may break a finger nail!
Good times!

The first day we did a lot of listening and asking questions.
Playing around with our cameras.
Figuring out what exactly every button actually does!
I felt like my head was going to explode just a little :)
Thankfully it didn't!
Friday afternoon we headed down to the beach to do a little practicing before the first family arrived. I got a few good shots of some of the attendees!
Cam was a good sport hanging out with all us girls!
He is pretty awesome.
Cam you should start a blog!
Maybe one day you will be like Ansel Adams? Maybe!
Most of you know Megan.
She is hilarious.
She is super friendly.
She is even more amazing in person.
I'm so glad I was able to meet her.
I am going to try her Margaritas!
I bet it will be yummier than the ones we had in California.
One day I will make a trip to Kansas to visit!
This is my roomy Nikki :)
She is a hoot!
She can speak in a British Korean accent.
It's pretty amazing :)
I already miss you Nikki.
I WILL visit you in Seattle one day!
This is Dana... my other roomy for the weekend.
She is from Alberta, Canada.
She is a sweetheart!
She takes awesome photos.
She has a love for life and it was a privilege to get to know her!
This is Crystal B.
She is super fun.
I'm super happy I met her.
Not only does she take fun pictures,
she make AMAZING jewelry.
I am in love with your work Crystal
and I can't wait to purchase something from you!

After awhile the family showed up.
They were a super cute family!
We all felt bad, because it was a bit chilly. 
Even for this Michigander! :)
It's a real word, look it up.
Here are a few of the family!

Such a sweet family!

This is the most gorgeous view out of the back of the house.
It was all windows...
very dreamy.

This is the street side of the house.
I only wish my family was with me to enjoy it!

That night we went to the famous In and Out Restaurant.
I had never heard of it before.
It was a typical fast food place.

Lots of more talk about, photog stuff, social networking, yada, yada, yada!
We had cute models for a indoor studio session.

We then had a fun shoot on an abandoned bridge.
Again, it was a wee bit chilly.
The bride did amazing
and didn't act at all cold!

Here is a picture of the whole bridge!

Southern California is such a pretty area.
I really didn't get to see a whole lot of it.
What i saw of it though, was beautiful.

Here is a few more of the gals that attended the workshop.
Debbie was such a fun addition to the group.
She was always happy and always had a great outlook on everything.
It was so nice meeting her.

Kelley from Atlanta joined our group too.
She is talented.
She can take rad photos
and she creates glass beads!
She is a rock star!
Like I said before... she is super fun and silly!

I am so happy I put on my big girl panties and went to this workshop!
It took some sacrifice from my family, but they survived and were so happy to have me return home.

That reminds me... when I finally arrived to Chicago, my flight to Grand Rapids was canceled. So the airline gave me a hotel voucher along with a food voucher. It was the nicest hotel I had ever stayed in. It gave me an extra night of sleep without interruption. I needed that!
I had a blast and left full of joy and knowledge.
This last photo is from the Blue Lily site. It is of all of us! Thanks for sharing it :)