Friday, December 16, 2011

Clean Water

Right now as I type the smell of my husbands left over lunch is drifting into the living room.
It's tuna fish. BARF!
Guess what though?
I have clean water with a wave of my hand to clean it up!
I have clean water to shower off the smell, cause it may come down to that.
I have enough clean water to drink, hydrate my children
and not worry about anyone getting sick or even dying!

Not everyone has that luxury.
You might think water isn't a luxury.
But that's because you've never had to walk for
miles while leaving your children just for a little bit of dirty water.

Some of my friends have HUGE hearts.
Hearts for families just like ours without clean water.
Hearts to change the world!
I am jumping on board to help them build a well.
They have already built 3 wells in the past two years!
This year they want to build more :)

Here is how you can help...
Click onto the Project 320 page.
Donate as much as you are able.
For every $10 you donate you are entered into my giveaway.
So if you donate $20 you need to leave 2 comments to be entered twice...

This giveaway will include a stitched wall hanging.

and a $10 giftcard to Starbucks!

A TEN DOLLAR donation gives one person clean water for TEN YEARS!!!!

Be part of something amazing this Christmas!



Kathy said...

I gave $10.00--What a great opportunity for the little bit that I can give to go sooo far

Meg said...

Thanks so much for doing this!!
#8 of 12.

Janelle said...

Very cute! Here is my entry 3/6.

Maria said...

I gave $10...everyone deserves clean water!

Janelle said...

Love the banner. Here is my entry 10/11.

Janelle said...

And 11/11. Let's build a well!

Kristen said...

entry #5 of 6

Kristen said...

entry #6 of 6

Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Awesome! Entry#7

Tammi said...

Just gave my little bit to help. So glad you're doing this!