Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Ramblings

I have been really bad at taking pictures lately.
It makes me sad actually.
I love photos.
I love capturing the everyday!
For instance.
Today we went out and cut down our tree.
No pictures.
What is a miracle though...
We picked it out,
cut it down,
and put it up in our house all in under an hour!
That my friends is a Christmas miracle.
Back to the photos.
I am super excited to be getting an iPhone
next month.
I'm hoping to be able to use my camera
on my phone a lot!
I always have my phone with me.
If you have any good apps you just have to tell me about,
please do!

Also, I've reached over 400 posts.
I'm thinking that is a pretty great milestone.
One so great it deserves a giveaway.
However, most of my readers are stalkers.
So in order to be involved in this giveaway
you are going to need to unlurk and start commenting :)
I promise it's going to pay off

So today leave me a comment telling me
what are must have apps for my phone
what you would be most interested in getting
during the giveaway :)

Here are a few photos of Addie I did recently.
All of these are SOOC. I used my 50mm f/1.4
They are far from perfect, but a little bit of her 5 year old self captured forever. Enjoy.

 She was singing in this one :)



Emily said...

I dont have an iphone but I love playing bejewled on my ipod. Also play uno - those are two awesome apps!

I would love a head wrap if I were to win a prize!

Thanks for the great photos! You have a beautiful family.
Emily Stephens

MBush said...

Well...since I dont have an i anything...the only thing I can reccommend is Angry birds...but go with the rio version.

What would I like to win? A discount on a photo session.

Rose said...

I don't have an i anything either but I have heard of an app called something like "irritated foul"

I would love to win that beautiful scarf as seen in the awesome photos of your adorable Addie!

meg duerksen said...

WHERE did you get that scarf??? it's GORGeous.


Trish said...

got it at old navy of all places!