Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful... Week One

I am joining Rachel over on No. 17
Being Thankful on Paper.

This week I am choosing my mom.
I am thankful for...
her willingness to do things for me. Usually, in a moments notice.
her quirky self.
her giggles.
her artsy, talent... (now you know where I get my creativeness)
her drive to do something... she knows how to get a job done!
I am thankful for...
all those times she would put a band-aid on my ouchie.
rock me when I was sad.
pray for me when I am down.
cook for me when I am hungry.
I am thankful that when I go back to her house to stay
(even though I am almost 32) she takes care of me like I've never left.
I am thankful for...
her sweet spirt.
for the fact that she IS crying while reading this.
that she loves me for me, despite my shortcomings.

Thank you mom!
My mommy :)


Rose said...

Thank you for that awesome tribute. And I was giggling when you said you were thankful for my giggling and I was crying when you knew I would be.....all with a huge smile on my face. I love you so much♥

Cherry Tree Lane said...

someone else wrote about their mom and each time I read these i think, "what a wonderful blessing" to have a mom that you are close with.
Thank you so much for sharing, friend.
Can't wait to see who you write next!