Monday, November 14, 2011

She's Artsy Fartsy

My Addie has extreme art in her blood!
She can out color anyone!

On more than one occasion, she has been told to only color on paper!
She has a hard time remembering.
I've had to magic erase the smiley faces off our dining room table at least a dozen times!
I'm telling you this kid has the bug.
I should put her in a stripe shirt and stick a beret on her head
and see if she could bring home the bacon!
A friend on Facebook was asking how to remove crayon from her TV.
That is an all too familiar place I've been.
It got me thinking about this post and that was 2 1/2 years ago.
Some mammals pee on things to make their mark...
Addie, she draws! (i guess i should be thankful she doesn't pee around every corner!)
So I decided to make an updated list of all the things I can remember her coloring on.

  • couch
  • ottoman
  • the carpet
  • lots of walls
  • the tv
  • dining room table
  • wood floor
  • kitchen bench
  • chairs
  • bunk beds
  • herself
  • all over her side of the van
  • her carseat
  • windows
  • alaina's quilt
  • too many toys to count
So as you can see this list is  long. And my memory isn't very good these days!
Her response to me asking her why she didn't use paper...
"mom, you know I forget! You need to remind me at least 2 times a day!"

I can rest assure that I shouldn't find any new art in the next week.
Why you ask?

She is grounded from all things art for a week!
This punishment will far out weigh any time outs that she would ever get!
For now my house will stay unaltered from any new art,
but I will have a very mopey Michelangelo on my hands!

Hope you have a happy Monday :)



Kat said...

Love that little whippersnapper!!! :)
(p.s. you forgot to add Alaina to the things she's colored on, lol!)

crystal b. said...

So funny. I relate. I didn't have any pictures hanging in my room when I was little, so I drew my own. The problem is that I mess up the first three so I had to scribble those out and start over. Those pictures hung there for 8 years. I wish I had a picture of them. :)