Friday, November 11, 2011

Hoop Art

I LOVE hoop art.
It has been on my list of projects to tackle for awhile now.
They are just so cheery and happy
with a little nostalgia thrown into the mix.

God has been prodding at my heart to be more giving.
Not just to do it because,
but to do it with a spirit of love.

I am joining the woman's ministry team at my church.
I am going to be leading lots of woman in fun crafts.
I don't know how it will all pan out yet,
but it will be fun!!!

I am putting together a craft night a week from today.
The theme is Crafting for Others.
We are going to be making some hoop art
with a person in mind.
So when we are stitching not only can we
be "Chatty Patty's" as Alaina calls people that like to talk
(including herself)
but we can pray intentionally for that person!
This is a 4" hoop

 This is a 9" hoop

Have a happy weekend!



sara's art house said...

I love these!!!! Art + scripture is a win every time! Super cute.

crystal b. said...

Super cute!!! I need to remember this craft for our women's group. :)