Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Another Tuesday

This year I am trying really hard to be more prepared for the Christmas season.
The end of the year is CRAZY...
December 18th... My birthday
December 25th... Christmas
December 27th... Jeremy's birthday
December 31st... New Year's Eve
January 1st... New Year's Day
January 5th... Addie's birthday
January 7th... Sister-In-Law's birthday
January 9th... Father-In-Law's birthday

Can we cram anything else into those 3 weeks?
My goodness, just writing it out makes me cringe a little.
So every year I tell myself to plan ahead.
Every year I fail and I stress.
I want my kids to grow up with lots of great traditions.
So this year I have already started planning...I already ordered our Christmas puzzle.
I LOVE doing puzzles and so does Addie.
Everyone else could care less... so this will be our little project for the two of us!

I do need a mat. If anyone has any suggestions on those roll-up puzzle mats, let me know.
I'm also planning on doing our first advent calender this year.
I'm super excited and have lots of ideas.
If anyone of you have done one in the past and have suggestions on what to put into each day...
let me know. I'm open for ideas.
I'm creating a special advent calender for our family to be used over and over again.
I will show you when I am all finished with it and hopefully offer them in the shop for next year.

In other news. I was contacted by one of Norway's top parenting magazine.
DAISYS & dots will be featured this coming holiday!
They will be sending me a copy of the magazine... I will show you when I have it :)

Hope your Tuesday is swell!
Mine has been a bit on the crazy side.
Levi found a hidden Easter egg and was eating the candy out of it... oops!
Tonight I get to get out of the house though and have a fun girls night out.
We are going to to here
Downtown Holland is always a great place to hang out!
Can't wait to see some sweet faces and try some yummy oils and vinegars!!!

Tomorrow I am going to be doing my very first link up with Lindsay from the Pleated Poppy... WIWW
Come back to see what I wore this past week! Plus you can see what a total dork I am for taking pictures of myself! :)

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crystal b. said...

Sounds like you have some way fun plans! I love this puzzle! I had no idea there were such things a puzzle mats. If you can't find one, use your cutting mat for sewing. So have you found a cute advent calendar? My friend made one this year out of a cookie sheet. She made 15 magnets -- all different using scrapbook papers. It's adorable. I'm working on one too, but I can't decide how I want to make it yet. Let me know what you come up with. :)