Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The LiST...

I can't believe that it
has been a whole 4 weeks since
I have updated everyone!
What a slacker!

Since my last update I
have scheduled my
amniocentesis day!
It will be on July 19th
and if all goes well with
the results he will be
born within the next day or two!

So I have started to officially panic.
I was talking to my mom tonight
trying to remember all of
the things I need to do and
purchase before this guy arrives.
My only problem is...
my energy is slowly dying down,
and my feet get so swollen
if I do anything :(

So I thought I would write
down my to do list here so
I can have it in one place and
not loose it the second I make it :)

Nesting To Do List:
-Pick out a name, yep it's still undecided!
-make a calling list
-pick out paint for nursery
-paint his nursery
-pick up carseat
-install carseat
-make nursing apron
-pick out wood flooring
(we are redoing some of our
house... great timing huh?)
-hang stuff on my walls
(my bedroom has been painted
for almost 2 years and I still haven't
hung anything on the wall!)
-wash & organize his cloths
-bring bassinet out of storage
-pack our bags
-pack baby's bag
-make diaper bag
-clean out van


-nice nightgown
-nursing bras
-sun dress
-feminine items ;)
-fabric for the diaper bag
-paint for the nursery
-wood floors
-butt cream (for the baby!)
-baby shampoo
-baby lotion
-changing pad cover
-camera bag
-gifts for the girls

Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Update...

I had an ultrasound today...
I am in LOVE!
I didn't know that the tech was going
to be doing a 4-d scan on the baby...
The pictures just popped up on the
screen and there were instant tears!
He looks almost identical
to Addie when she was
a wee little baby :)
This made me SO excited 
to meet the little guy! 

Until then I will just sit and wait.
Trying to get as ready as
possible for this little guy!
I'm counting the days...
If I go when I think I will
I have about 37 days left!
I will find out more next week
or the following week!
My appointments have been
bumped up to once a week.
With a stress test done
each week! I love listening to
that heartbeat :)
Can't wait to hold this little guy!