Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing Catch UP... Alaina Turns 6!

EVERY time we would ask
Alaina what she wanted for
her birthday...
All she would say was,
"a wand that does real magic"
Trying to explain to an almost
6 year old that those don't really
exist was semi-difficult.
The best I could come up with
was a Princess Presto wand.
From the show 'Super Why' 
it has around 16 sayings
and lights up! She loves it :)

(See the hospital bracelet on her sweet arm?! The poor thing
had a knitting needle in her hand and somehow fell
on it, puncturing the back of her throat! ER here we come!)

The intensity is so Alaina... and
note the pouting sister in the background!
She wanted to wear the crown... poor thing ;)

Unwrapping her first big girl Bible.
Veggie Tales! She was ecstatic... can't you tell :)

Finally gets to play princess! Stinker...

Ever since Alaina was little she
would cry when we would sing her
Happy Birthday... VERY sensitive
to sounds.
Not this year :)

Doing a pretty cute job trying
to blow out her candles :)
I love this girl!!!

Here are the Many Faces of Alaina...
I just laugh every time I look at this!
Out of the 100 + photos I took
for her 6 year photos...
maybe only 6 turned out.
Oh well!

Happy Birthday to my sweet
little 'Lainie Pie'
I love you more than you could
ever imagine!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If You're Cheap Like Me...

...and you don't want to spend the money
on an overpriced water table for
the kiddos.
Then just do what I did...
Take an over sized rubbermaid
container and some bowls
and cups that you already have
fill them with water and
let them have at it!

This kept them occupied for
a good hour,
until Addie dumped all of the 
water onto Alaina.
Then it was time to come

Friday, May 21, 2010

Can't decide...

I have just over 7 weeks
left of this pregnancy!
That sounds so crazy to 
type out!!!
I cannot decide on how 
I should decorate this
little guys room!

I'm not a fan of overly themed
rooms for babies.

I like classic and functional
with a bit of whimsy and color.

I'm just not sure... I can't seem to 
commit to one thing.

Originally, I was thinking
woodland themed decor...
using the colors
cream, chocolate
with bits of green, red, yellow and blue.

Then I saw this and
am now thinking a blue would
be fun too!
(photo courtesy of Oh My Handmade)

Ahhhh... I don't have 
a lot of time to over analyze this
guys room, but yet I sit 
here undecided!

I want to buy the fabric
so I can start sewing some things...

Speaking of sewing.
It is really hard to come up with
handmade stuff for the little guy!
I found these pants and 
thought they were so cute!

First of all couldn't you just eat
him up he is so dang cute!
Secondly, those pants are
darling! Match it with a onesie
that has a fun applique & you've got 
yourself a fun boys outfit!
I think I can get away with this
at least until he is 2 :)
So I have been searching Etsy for
some extremely fun fabric 
to make some pants.
I'm also going to try and
make some fun burp cloths too.

Like I said I only have just 
over 7 weeks left...
so I better get to deciding
which fabric I just can't live without!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick update...

My heart Echo looked fine...
nothing to be worried about.

I do not have gestational diabetes :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Even though she is 4 I still
get random moments of 
snugly time!
I love it and since
I am never in any pictures,
I am trying to make an effort
to take a few random shots of
me with my baby's :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

26 Weeks

Yay, I am 
26 weeks today...

Can't wait to meet this
little guy :)

My EKG came back
Can't remember if I
mentioned that my heart
has been beating weird??
Well, it is still having moments
of weirdness. It's really hard
to explain, but the hubby felt
my pulse and said it was all over
the place. So, tomorrow I go in to the
heart center again for an
an ultrasound done on
my heart.
Everything is probably fine,
but my doctor
just wants to be on the safe
side. So I can't argue with him
on that! I did read that
 pregnant woman can
have abnormal heartbeats,
due to the fact that there is so
much blood your heart has
to pump around your body,
it just makes it harder for your
heart. So I'm hoping that is the case!

I'll let you know :)