Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today, I'm talking about Shingles!

...and we are not re-roofing our house!

Yep, I went to my doctor's appointment
today and I mentioned the fact that I woke 
up Tuesday morning with a bunch of bug bites.
(Must have been one angry spider)
My doctor said...
Those aren't bug bites, dear.
Those are Shingles. WHAT?!?!

Aren't you suppose to be older to get those?

Well, apparently 30 is old enough.
It is a form of Chicken Pox.
They are pretty painful.
Here's to hoping this is a mild case!

I'm so ready to be done with this pregnancy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Randoms... FB style!!!


...had fun getting the girls a new summer wardrobe :) 

...had to tell Addie to put her pants on, 
while in the middle of Target. 

...has to get an EKG tomorrow, 
because my heart has been acting funny! 
Hoping it's just the caffeine. 

...gets random moments of being terrified
of having a little boy! madly in love with my husband. 

...wonders what this little guys name will be? happy it is Spring.

...has at the most 13 weeks to go :) pretty sure I weigh the same as
my husband! Yikes...

...can't stand American Idol anymore.
Yet, I watch it faithfully every week,
because I am addicted and it's like a 
train wreck, you just can't look away!

Peace out, Girl Scouts!

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Pound Miracle!

Getting a quick picture before
placing her on the scale!
I still can't get over how tiny she was!
The baby growing inside me now is
probably about as big as she was
then! Crazy...
I love you so much...
I can't imagine life without you!
You bring so much JOY
to our family with
your giggles and happy
Mwah xoxo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My FiRST Sewing Turtorial & Possibly My Last!

Just so you know, 

I am an amateur sewer. 

I take lot's of breaks. 

My seam ripper is my best friend.

This skirt was thought of last
minute for Alaina. 
I used what I had... 
something I love to do!

Okay, here goes nothin'.
First thing to do for this skirt
is pick the fun fabrics!
I found that 5-6 different
designs work the best. But you
do what works for you!
(If you are making a super scrapy skirt then each
piece could be different!)
 How can you not love Red and Aqua?
Once that is done...
comes the joy of cutting all
that yummy fabric!

This particular fabric is going to be my 
hem. It was only 7" wide so that's what 
I went with ;) 
It should be at least 38" - 44" long.
This all depends on how gathered you
want the skirt to look!
Make sure your edges are trimmed first!
Cut that in half long ways.
(Don't you love my ruler? 
This is what happens if you leave it on the floor and a chair leg
lands on it... it breaks. 
If you could see the other end you 
would know it takes me usually two times to learn my lesson!)

Remember... Measure twice... cut once!
It might be easier for you to iron your
fabric first, but I am tired, lazy and 
pregnant. so. i. don't!
Now, take a break to eat a 
homemade chocolate cupcake!
Now you need to take all of the
other fun fabrics and trim the edges to 
make even.

Once that is done you need to figure
how long you want your skirt.
This is no science for me.
I just measured from the hip to the knee
and then remember that there will be
some seam allowances and the
hem (the piece you cut first) to add some length!
(Remember I said I was amateur!)
I did 15" long, (from hip to knee
not including my hem piece!) if you
want it longer, go longer. If you want
it shorter... well you get the idea.
This may depend on how long your 
scraps are too!

Now you can cut the fabric into strips!
I just varied it! The smallest strips
I did were 3" x 15".
Anything smaller than that was just too
small in my book!

Do this with all your fabric that you picked out!
Now, go cuddle with your 4 year old that
is cutting two molars! 
Yeah. no. fun. for either of us!

 Once that is done
lay out each piece to
create a beautiful arrangement.
Make sure that the ends aren't the
same so that when you sew 
together you aren't sewing
two of the same fabrics together!
(Amateur here... I did that. It's not the end of the
world. It just annoyed me, but I left it anyways!)

Now comes the sewing.
I am.
I don't use pins for this skirt.
I don't think it is necessary.
You on the other hand can pin
away until your hearts content!
The way I start sewing, is to always
make sure the top matches up. ALWAYS.
Put the first two strips RiGHT sides together.
Sew a straight stitch with a quarter inch seam
allowance. Remember to do a quick
back stitch!
Now All your strips together.
Making sure that you will end up with
two big pieces. One is the front of the skirt 
and one is the back. Don't sew these together
yet. You will in a few steps.

Once you get all those varied, beautiful 
strips sewn together. It's time to get out
the iron! Another step I hate, but it
sure does make your seams crisp and neat.
Plus, my scraps are all waded up and wrinkly
and there is something about ironing out
all the wrinkles. Makes my nerdy heart smile!

Oh, I just ironed all the seams in one direction.
Make sure you pull a little on the fabric when you
do this so there is no fold in the fabric.
I know when I was little and took 4-H sewing,
you were suppose to iron the seams open.
oh well.
Phew, I think it is time for another cupcake!
One for me and the baby! No judging here!

Once your seams are ironed. 
You may have one end of the skirt
having some mis-matched edges.
Here is where I would trim that up.
Now, sew on your
strip that was reserved for the hem.
Again with a 1/4" seam allowance.
Once your hem is sewed on you will 
NOW sew the front and back of the skirt
right sides together. For me
it is important to have the seam of the
hem match up. So, 
I match that up and then sew.
(Sorry if this is confusing... you can write any 
questions you may have in the comments and
 I will do my best to reply to them!)
Now for some more ironing. Start by ironing
a 1/4" fold at the hem. Also, repeat this step at
the waist, (1/4" fold) then it is important
to use a ruler for this. Fold the waist again
and iron a 1 2/8" crease. My elastic is 1" wide.
Do this all the way around the waist.

Now back to the sewing.
Sew a 1/8" seam at the waist as pictured
below. Remember to back stitch.
and go slow if you are not efficient
at sewing a straight line, because
there is little room for error.

Now do the same at the bottom of the 
waist band. Making sure you leave a 
few inch opening for your elastic
to get threaded through.
Do you like the background pic?
Pregnancy meds and citrus... oh yeah baby!

Here is a better pic.

Now for the hem.
The way I do it and if you
are an expert seamstress then
by all means do what makes sense
to you. This is what makes sense to
this amateur!
Fold up another 1/4" and sew along the edge.
And when I say the edge. I don't mean
the bottom edge. I mean the top of the
folded edge. 
whoa. that was even confusing for me.

Measure the elastic around the waist
of your "victim" allowing about an
inch or so of overlapping!

Now to thread that elastic through the
opening we left at the waist.
I use a safety pin. Attach it to the
elastic securely 
(remember I used a 1" width elastic)
and push it through. Making sure you
do NOT twist the elastic and that 
the other end does not get pulled into
the waist. Otherwise you will have
to start all over :( 
Now sew a square and an X where they
overlap. Remember to back stitch!
Sew up that little opening on the waist
so that the elastic is completely hidden.
Again, go slow or you could sew your
elastic into your skirt.

Now sit back and marvel at your newest creation.
I would LOVE.LOVE.LOVE it if you
make this skirt to come and tell me!
I want to see too :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What I did all day Yesterday...

My oldest is turning 6 on Friday!
I can't believe it.
I don't want to believe it.
I forgot she needed an outfit
so I rummaged through my
and this is what I had enough
It turned out pretty cute
for only using bits and pieces of 
what I already had.
Now, I need to make a fun
shirt with the #6 on it
and possibly some ruffles :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Wee Bit of Energy!

It's not finished yet, but here is
what I have been working on!
This took me most of today
and my hand is not happy with me! 
Alaina's shirt is dark pink and the 
letters that are pink will
be in a lighter pink.
I added a tutu tonight, but
I don't think I have enough tulle.
So I am debating if I just leave as
is. Even though I love the tutu look!
We'll see!
Someone suggested that I
make a little onesie that says,
"Lil' Bro"
I'm pretty sure I will :)

My pregnancy this week has
been pretty good! Since being on
the antibiotic for a week
my contractions have lessened.
I go in on the 16th,
which is Alaina's birthday,
for another ultrasound and
to make sure all is well :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Small Scare!

So yesterday was rough.
I was having contractions &
they were coming fast and strong!
I called the doctor,
they gave me some stuff
to try to slow down these
awful contractions...
it didn't work.
So I called back later and
he told me to go to the

As soon as I hung up the
phone, Addie said, "I love you mom"
I started to cry!

We arrived to the hospital,
and I was ushered into triage.
I was placed onto the monitor,
and had some labs done.
Turns out I have another UTI.
I never get these. 
Only when I am pregnant!
So now I am back on the 
Macrobid and the contractions
have slowed way down!
(basically if you're pregnant 
and have an infection
your body tries to save the
baby via delivery! Thankfully
that did not happen!)

Thankfully it has been 
so nice here in Michigan.
Close to 80˚ yesterday and
today!!!! LOVING it!
My parents drove to our
house today to cook us
dinner :)