Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Here is a little sneak peak of what 
Addie wore for her party!
I finished it... and lived to tell the story!

I must get some sleep now :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ultrasound Picture!!!

I thought since I have been lacking
in the updating department.
I would be kind and show a pic
of our littlest member of
the family!
I had my second doctor's 
appointment yesterday!
All went well. The doctor said
everything looks good with
baby and mom!
So surgery was scheduled for
next week.
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
I am nervous, but trying
to hand it over to the Lord!
It is hard knowing the risks involved
with surgery.
But the benefits out way the risks!
So I have been trying to get a lot
 of things crossed off of my list
before I go into the OR because
I will be bed ridden for 1-2 weeks
after surgery... BOOOOO!!!

This weekend we are
having Addie's 4th Birthday
We are doing it at Pizza Hut.
I would need to be admitted if
it were at my home! It is a disaster
and has been since Christmas :(
I just can't do it all!
The theme Strawberry Shortcake!
I am in the middle of making a
crazy cute skirt for little miss thing!
Lots of polka dots and lots of ruffles!
I will show you a pic when it is complete!

That's all for now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preggo Update!

Hi all...
I wanted to post on Tuesday

didn't get home until
almost 9pm...
I was gone from
11am - 9pm
yesterday was equally
as long and I had NO

I had my doctors appointment.
Everything looked
I got to have an ultrasound :)
The baby was waving it's
limbs around and
had a heartbeat of
171 :)

For those of you wanting
to know the nitty gritty
my cervix is looking good too:)
I had a small contraction 
during my ultrasound,
which I couldn't feel,
but the tech could pick it
up on the monitor!

I was at my appointment 
for 4 hours
like I said it was a long

I go back next Thursday
and get my
surgery scheduled!
Not looking forwar
to that!

Oh and I talked to my
sister last night and
they decided to wait
to get married until 2011.

It seems like an extra long
time to wait, but they talked
it over and decided it best 
for everyone!!!
I am so happy I will be able to
go and not be pregnant and
be able to participate:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Baby is the size of a Fig

Why is it so dang hard to
grow a person?

I am emotionally,
mentally &


I can't get out of my funk.
I am still in my first trimester...
quickly approaching my second!
Hoping that my energy comes
back even a little!

My contractions have been
better! Thank goodness.
There is nothing they can do
in the 1st trimester anyways.
 I've been doing A LOT of
 laying on the couch already.
Crosswords have been my 
friend and my enemy :)
I like the easy version!
We have been watching a ton
of movies! I mean a ton!!!

A week ago today, my sister
moved in with us.
It has been an adjustment
for all of us and I'm sure it

will continue to be for awhile.
At least until we are all in a groove
of what our responsibilities will be!
It's hard to hand over your
home and children to someone
else why you lay on the couch.
Thankfully it is my sister and
I fully trust her and am 
completely comfortable with her!
My poor husband now has
4 girls to compete with in the house :)
Someone said he should get a dog!
I think a new baby is change enough.
He thinks so too...
maybe we will have a boy
to add some testosterone to the mix.
We will see in a few more weeks :)

I have a doctors appointment 
tomorrow afternoon.
I'm sure I will be getting a ton of
info for the coming months!
I'll hopefully update you
tomorrow or Wednesday!

Friday, January 8, 2010


It started last night.
Can't believe how early this
time around!

Although, maybe I had them
with every pregnancy, but
didn't know what they
felt like til last pregnancy.
Had them all the time with Addie.

I just did too much...
giving those girls a bath can
be a brutal task.
Guess I won't be doing that
for the next 6 months!

Okay, going to go lay on
the couch and watch
Little Einsteins with
the kids!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay girlies...

The shop is now open!
I was a little hesitant. I got to used
to the whole Christmas break thing.
It was nice to not have any
responsibilities for Etsy or
Now back to reality!

I am currently trying to CLEAN out the shop.
Putting ALL Christmas goodies on sale
ALL Ready to Ship items as well!
Click here to go straight to my sale section!

I've decided to stop taking all custom orders as of March 1st.
After that date I will only be selling what I create.
So if you know you are having a
party or wedding
and would like to order. The sooner the better!

To all of my blog readers.
Purchase 2 or more items and
you will receive an extra 10% off.
Good until
Friday, January 15, 2010
Please put in notes to seller
"blog reader"

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 Years Old and Pneumonia!!!

Four years ago today I was in the OR getting ready to meet
my spunky little girl! Oh how our lives would change!

This a picture of Addie only a few hours old...

Little did I know how wild and crazy this child would
become!? or How many walls, chairs, blankets, floors,
tables, TV's would be colored on?!
I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

Here you are just a few weeks ago... getting ready for dance class.
Little did I know for your recital you would dance
beautifully, following directions like a champ,
until about mid-way through you decided you
needed a rest and laid down in the middle of the floor
for about 10 minutes! Yep, the other girls danced over you.
This is Addie, spontaneous and crazy... but we love you, every bit of you!

You are so spontaneous and fun that this morning you
were woken from your peaceful slumber only to have to
take your sister to the ER.
(Alaina had a temp of 105.2˚ F)
You were so cheerful and excited it was your birthday.
You joyfully announced to every nurse, doctor and security guard
that it was your birthday today and you are 4 now!
It was probably the best birthday breakfast known to man,
because the nurse gave you two popsicles and a sucker!
Followed by a coloring book and some crayons...
you were in heaven!
You also got to watch the Disney channel all morning,
which is extra special, because we don't have cable
or dish... just good ol' rabbit ears :)
I'm so happy you are only turning 4 and can't
remember any of your other birthdays
so no complaining from you! You are just happy to
be around and riding the coat tails of your sisters
illness watching cartoons all day :)

Now I am praying that no one else gets sick...
especially me! I am just now getting
over the all day pregnancy sickness,
not to mention that I have been battling
this cold/sinus thing since
We've had
enough sickness around
these here parts to last a lifetime!

Oh and just an update...
previously I said we would not
be getting any flu shots.
Well that has changed when the doctor
called us and recommended Alaina
to get the H1N1 because of her history.
Plus, now that I am pregnant I am
waiting to hear what my OB says on the 19th.
Not that you really care, but I didn't want you
to think we didn't and then we did!

Oh and a big P.S. my sister is coming
to live with us next week. She is going to be our
nanny. To help me with the kids and make sure
I lay low and to help Jeremy out!
Can't wait, should be nice :)