Thursday, October 22, 2009

C is for Clorox Clean!!!

If you've read my blog before
you may remember that
I am somewhat of a

I've calmed down a lot
from when Alaina was
little. Let's just say something
about having a one pounder in
the NICU does it to you!


no maybe a little pun intended
I caught the germ-a-phob bug!

So, with that being said...
the dreaded flu season has started!
Not that I am scared of getting sick...
I just HATE getting sick and I HATE it
a lot more when my kids get sick.

We are choosing not to vaccinate the girls
or ourselves. I just don't feel like I should
put all of my trust into two different shots
for keeping healthy! So instead we are taking
an all natural approach...
if you can call Clorox wipes natural :)
Here are a few things that I Clorox on
a REGULAR basis, i.e. at least every other day!

I also have the "anywhere" Clorox spray
and I do the
Counter tops
kids toys...

Another thing we are being proactive about is
doing a lot of washing...
Here are some things that we are washing...
every other day!
I'm also washing our sheets and blankets
once a week {just washing the pillow case
every other day}

and these things we wash so often...
mine are already cracking,
dry and gross, that's why I didn't take a
picture of mine :)
and a healthy amount of hand
sanitizer when we aren't around
running water and soap!

These items are on the list of things to get
to keep in our house at all times this winer!
  1. A quick and working thermometer
  2. vitamin D & C
  3. fever reducing medicine
  4. Gatorade &
  5. elderberries
You can call us weird or kooky...
I don't really care,
you aren't living with us :)

With all of that being said,
I still think we will get the flu...
it just seems inevitable!
But a healthy and clean lifestyle
sure can't hurt!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi all...
I have been so busy lately,
to top it off,
I got sick in the middle of the night.
I seem to be doing fine now...
just slightly queasy,
but it was a rough 12 hours!

I managed to finish these two
fun fabric buntings for the shop!
Actually one is for a giveaway I did
awhile ago
and the other is for an auction package
I am putting together for Alaina's school!

Either way I took some pics to show you and
let you know they will be making their debut
into the shop soon!

Hoping to be able to start on some new projects
for the shop... I am buried in cake slices
due to an upcoming wedding order, so that
comes first.
Once that is done... who knows what could happen?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day!

Each year, over half a million dreams are shattered. Out of 3.3 million babies born alive, some 30,000 die during the first 28 days. Another 39,000 babies are stillborn. Miscarriage occurs in fifteen to twenty percent of pregnancies, while ectopic pregnancy occurs in one percent. This day effects so many people. If you have never yourself lost a baby, surly you know someone who has.
Today is the day to honor those babies, so I am asking you all to do that today, sometime, some way.
If you yourself have lost a child/ren allow me to honor your sweet baby today by leaving a comment and tell me a little something about your precious angel. I'll start us off.
If you want to leave a message of support for those mommies and daddies that have lost precious babies do that in the comment section too.

I pulled this post from Katie her blog has
been a great read over the past year and a half!
Truly an amazing story.

Friday, October 9, 2009

it's a triple F kind of day...

Today is

Today we ate

Today I was on the
Front page...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stupidity at it's Finest!

Some of you may or may not
I have a daughter with
Cerebral Palsy!
I would be lying if I said
it's easy...
all the challenges
that come with having
a disabled child
is tough and it down right sucks!
Seeing her struggle
is heart wrenching.
It gets a little easier
with each passing year,
but I still grieve a little bit
every time I see kids her
age doing "normal" kid stuff!
I want that for Alaina,
but with that being said...
I wouldn't change
Her personality is so
bubbly and outgoing!
She is happy 99% of the time
and has an amazing laugh,
it's contagious!
She is TOUGH...
she tries so hard and
does a great job.

So, up until now
I guess I have been in denial
about the whole handicap
thing. Thinking... we
don't need a parking
permit! We'll get by just fine!
Well, she wants to walk everywhere
and when we do carry her
because of weather...
she's only getting bigger!

So I went into the local
DMV the other day
and this is how the
conversation went!

ME: Can I have an application
for a handicap permit.

HER: Sure

ME: does it cost anything to
get a permanent plate?

HER: no, who is handicap?

ME: My daughter.

and this is what her response was

HER: Well, does she plan on
being handicap the rest of her life?

With my jaw about to hit the floor,
and not knowing really what to
say to that,

ME: Yes?

HER: Well when did this happen?

Still not knowing what to say
cause she really didn't need to
know my whole life story,

ME: Birth.

She gave me my application
and then I was on my way.

Some people can be so hurtful...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pottery or Leather?

I would definitely have to go
with pottery...
unless it was some
fabulous leather
furniture from
Pottery Barn :)
or you could just
get me something from
"Pottery" Barn
I would be okay with that!

Me and the man have
been married for
not so wonderful,

If you are married
then you know
it's not always
happy and romantic.
It's everyday life
lived out with your
bestest friend!
Even though
it hasn't always been
kicks and giggles,
I wouldn't have wanted
to share these past 9 years
with anyone else!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

and the Mom of the Year Award Goes to...

Someone else please tell
me that you let your kids eat
their breakfast in the
car on the way to

Just an FYI
I don't do this everyday
just when we are running
which is about every other day ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

This week has been strange...

I was minding my own business
while driving my daughter home
from school,
when the traffic suddenly
slows down to a stop.
Just to give you an
understanding of the area that
I was driving in...
Farm land :)
& I couldn't see anything,
because I was stuck behind a big
bus/van thing.
I saw a police car with it's lights
thinking to myself, oh no an
accident :(
Well I passed the police car and he backs
up blocking both lanes behind me...
hmph, again
the gentleman in the bus/van thing
gets out with a head set on and
a walkie talkie,
he comes up to my window
and I politely roll it
"Excuse me mam...
will it be okay if you follow behind me?
It's going to be awhile
and I'm going to be moving slow!?"
The naive and nice person that I am
I say "okay" and I don't ask any questions.
So I'm sitting there, waiting, wondering
what in the heck is going on, because
there are no signs of danger anywhere.
And out of the blue another guy
comes around from that bus/van thing
and motions me to pass them...
Okay great,
I pass them thinking there is
going to be a long line of cars backed up?!
there was an older car in front of them
packed full of guys and
an older style mini van in front of the car.
Kicking myself not asking the first
gentleman what was going on...
I merrily move on my way!

The next day...
I pull out of my sub-division
and there are a TON of cars
a TON of people,
and a TON of weird equipment!

What do I see?
That big van/bus thing.
These people are filming a movie!
It's so crazy around here!
People everywhere,
crew parking signs,
catering trucks,
police cars to block the traffic
while they are filming,
bright lights,
a ton of cameras,
make-up and hair artists,
lots of people with headsets and
walkie talkies!

After doing a little research
the movie is titled
"What's wrong with Virginia"
{i'm assuming the lady,
not the state, since we live
in Michigan!}
The cast includes
Ed Harris and
Jennifer Connelly!
How fun...
Here is a snapshot of
the set as I am
driving by :)
of course you can't get
the whole affect of what's
going on, because I'm
going about 45 mph,
it's still fun!
Yeah, I was that weird lady
taking pictures while driving by
trying not to let the cop see
me :)
Maybe now I can get the
price of my house to increase?