Friday, July 31, 2009


Isn't this custom birthday cake super
cute and super girlie?
I'm in love with this paper!

Thank you for letting me spice
up your little ones birthday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Sissy-Poo

This is my "sissy-poo"
I love her too pieces!
We have way too much fun
My only regret is
that we live so far apart!

But come September 8th she is jetting off
to Kenya, Africa!
She will be on
a 3 month mission

I have a feeling she is going
to hear some pretty
snazzy music!

I love you "sissy-poo"
and I will miss you!
I'm already planning your return
home celebration!
But while you are gone in a
far away country!
Those children will
be blessed to have
met you :)
I know I am!!!

You are a fun model!
Thanks for goofing around with me:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Shot in Manual

Lake Michigan, just after the sunset!

So I just joined a photography group that meets
every other Sunday!
It is free and
it is given by some local
They already taught me so much.
I shot the whole night in manual,
I am so proud of myself!
Total # of photos taken
that night 667.
That was just in 3 hours.
I'm really excited about our next
photo shoot.
They are dressing
their daughter up
in a tutu and we are heading
to the city!
Urban ballerina :)
Can't wait.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Number 98

It came in the mail today!

Here it is...
little ol' me in the
Modern Bride Magazine,
100 Things They Love :)

I would like to thank my
family, my friends,
Hobby Lobby for their great
selection in paper,
and having their ribbon
half off since, I can't even remember when,
to all of you that have supported me,
purchased from me &
inspired me!
Indeed, the price I pay for
working with all of this paper
is having dry hands &
many paper cuts!
A special thanks to my
husband for dealing with
the hundreds of thousands of
paper scraps that end up in the
nooks and cranny's of our house :)
for those of you that create, you'll understand!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In your spare time!

If you have time and want to try and win something for free
go here

I promise you won't be mad!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Celebrate you, Sweet Caylin!

Six years ago today
my life changed
Today, I had some hard moments.
Moments where I was fine
and then all of a sudden
I was choking back the tears.
I think of my sweet Caylin
everyday! She will always live on in
my memory and my heart!
I want my girls to know
they have a sister in heaven!

So today,
we released 6 pink balloons
into the

Only they got stuck,
when the wind blew them
quickly over into the maple tree next to us!
We had to laugh :)

June 30th is always a difficult night to fall
asleep for me, since that is the night I
went into labor. {Caylin was born around
1:30am July 1st}
I wasn't able to fall asleep,
and right around that time
I heard little footsteps come into my bedroom
and the little sweet voice of
my youngest say,
"mom, I can't sleep,
can I cuddle with you?"
Just at the exact hour I
needed some cuddling!
Thank you Addie,
I treasure your sweet