Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm not a bean person... but I am loving the Kidney Bean right now!

our little babe
is the size of a kidney bean!

(photo courtesy of a yahoo search... DECLAN MCCULLAGH PHOTOGRAPHY)

Only three weeks of waiting until 
my very first visit with my 
There we will schedule
my surgery and get all the 
nitty gritty details of how this pregnancy
will go down!

One of my main questions will be,
(and he probably won't be able to answer it)
is when I am 30 weeks pregnant,
my sister is getting married about
2 hours away from my hospital...
I am the matron of honor and my
girls are the flower girls...
I so want to be there for my sister,
and experience the joy of that day with her...
but deep down I am preparing myself 
for him to tell me no... or we'll see
when we get to that stage...
I would be absolutely devastated if I could
not go and see her dreams come true!
So if you think of me in your prayer time....
I would love a prayer for my pregnancy
to go smoother than smooth, so 
that I can at least be seated front and

center to see my sissy get hitched! :)

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