Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Changing it up...

Well, lately it has been really hard to stay positive with the whole job situation and the
I mean seriously, could it be any grayer or gloomy out. Not to mention with record low temps and a butt load of snow! Can you tell I am really ready for Spring?
Usually, I do not feel the effects of the "winter blahs", but this year has been different. My body must really be deprived of Vitamin D.
Well guess what happened today! The glorious sun came OUT!!!!!!! I have been motivated all day. Plus, it may help that today is our first day off from school. So not only is the sun shining, but I am home to enjoy it :) Today has been GREAT.
Oh Crap, as I'm typing this the sun went away and it is snowing!!! Seriously!
Yesterday and today I have tackled a huge project. Cleaning and organizing my kids room! You would think that two little girls wouldn't mess up a room, right. Especially two girls that are hardly ever in their room! WRONG. Just yesterday, I was unsure if there was even a floor in there! Not joking or exaggerating. I had been buying some things here and there to decorate their room, but just wanted to wait until I knew where everything was going to go. This is the A.R. coming out in me. Yesterday, I said, "wait no longer" I need a change and I need it now! So because I didn't have everything I needed or wanted to change up their room I pulled stuff from around the house. Which I've never done before, but all you bloggers out there that have a real knack for decorating have inspired me!
This is a greeting card my wonderful cousin gave to us. It has a lovely heartfelt message inside and I just LOVE it! So I framed it, I had a picture of Addie as a baby in this frame, sitting on an end table in the living room. Voila! Bonus there was even a screw right where I hung it. One less hole to have to patch and paint over!
This adorable cradle was give to the girls for Christmas from their Grandma. It's so cute. It acts as storage too. When they aren't playing with it all the dolls, blankets and pillows go in!
I bought these letters at Jo-Ann's. I'm not crazy about them, but I didn't have to make them! I still want to add cute bows to the ends of the ribbon to create a more finished look, but for now they are up! I still want to hang some sort of picture in between their closet doors. 
(I forgot to add the pic of the book shelf that I brought into their room from the bathroom. It was being used for towels and magazines, but now has some of their books, toys and games.)
Here is their tent they got for Christmas! It came with a matching backpack, water bottle, flashlight and sleeping bag! So cute! FYI... There are a lot of toys I put in there to "hide" for now :) Once the hubby gets a job, my plan is to have a friend build a custom shelving unit or something for stray toys! 

I love these little hooks! The birds on top are just too sweet! The goal for now is when they wake up and get dressed they need to hang up their jammies so when we go to bed we aren't looking everywhere for them!
This is the lighting fixture for now. I just love it, but once we put it up we realized how yellow it makes everything look! Especially at night. So if anyone has this do you have any suggestions on how to use it and make the room not look so icky? I guess it was only $20 what do I expect.
 So there you have it in a nutshell! Sorry for those of you that like before and after pics. I was in no frame of mind to even think about taking a before picture. It was that messy!
Now, it is so neat and tidy I am just in awe! Breathing a sigh of relief!


Heather said...

I've got a major room makeover in process, too. I LOVE those ME quotes, those are my favorite cards to buy!

little wash wash said...

Cute room. I love the little flower table!! Did you paint it or did it come like that?

Trish said...

The table came that way. I actually got it at a yard sale for $5 :)

::Jan:: said...

Really cute Trish. You are full of creative juices. Now bottle it and sale it please. I need some :)

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

The cradle is so cute!

~ Sarah

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I like the idea of jammie hooks. That is very smart!

Cristin said...

I love the idea of a hook for pjs! Perfect...

Anna Sophia said...

I just love those names above the closets! How pretty!! :) And the jammie hooks... Looovveeit!

Pretty Organizer said...

I'm a huge fan of hooks. I need them all over my house! We have 6 kiddos and hooks are a much better option to the floor... where most things end up.

Astrid said...

What a very pretty room! Where did that tent come from? I'm looking for an indoor play tent like that. Also...do tell about that bunk bed. Did you buy it or have it made? It's very pretty!

jenjen said...

What a cute room! I love the colors and those letters with the names are very cute!