Monday, September 22, 2008

The SiGHTS of the Weekend!

I had so much fun away this weekend with my girlfriends! I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt, and I got a great ab workout! Anyways, we think we spotted the "Verizon" guy? He seemed a little self conscious about it! "Can you hear me now?"
This is what my best friend had to look at while sleeping on the bottom bunk of our cabin! I think it freaked her out so much that in the middle of the night she woke up screaming bloody murder! It scared the you know what right out of us! Talk about a rude awakening! :)
The girls posing with the singer at the retreat...Margaret Becker. She is a very good singer/guitar player! We were very lucky to have had her be apart of the camp experience!
The whole cabin! We were so tired!
Does anyone else think this sign is strange? It reads, "Who's Your Daddy?"
Finally back at home I found this praying mantis on our slider. It would fly around and then come back. It did this for awhile! It was huge.
It's a little freaky!

I'm back and the rest of the family is happy to see me:)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

See ya!

The kids are going to stay with dad this weekend and mom (me) starting this afternoon is going to an all ladies retreat! I am so excited especially since yesterday tested my patience to the max!

Two napless, cranky children + a tired mom + the grocery store = STRESS CITY!

FYI - For those of you following my washing machine saga...I took all of my laundry to the laundry-mat to get it all done. After 10 loads, yes 10, I got it all done! What a great feeling. Thanks Suzanne for helping me:) So the hubby said if it's not fixed before I get back from the weekend we will go shopping for a new one!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Calling all moms of young toddlers...We are going on a long car trip in a little less than 2 weeks! The trip will be 12 hours total car time and there is only so much Dora a mother can take before getting a bald spot on the back of her head!!! :)

So I am asking for inexpensive ideas that we can do with the kids! Also, I would like things that they can do on their own. So mom and dad don't have to entertain!

I will appreciate any creative ideas that come my way!!!! Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh CHRiSTMAS Tree...How Lovely...

If you are like me... I love Christmas. So I am already thinking about stocking the shop with Christmas goodies! These are my newest creation. These are just my cake SLiCES turned upside down and the tag is at the peek of the SLiCE instead of the widest part. I just LOVE this idea. It would be so cute to place your smaller gifts inside and set them above each stocking on your mantel. Another fun idea would be to set at each place setting for a fun Christmas gathering with your family or friends. Fill each tree with yummy candy or a small trinket for each guest!
I love doing custom orders so if you would like a lot of these trees or just one I am all for accommodating you folks! Also, if you are planning on doing non-traditional colors for Christmas this year say in pinks or winter blues I would love to create some trees in your color scheme!
Click here to enter the listing and purchase yours today!
Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Label Cloud...

I now have a fabulous new Label Cloud. It was not a super easy task since it involved reading some HTML along with copying and pasting things. But I thought I would give it a whorl and by gully I got it! So now you can keep up to date with the topics that interest you the most! Just click here if you would like to try and follow this blogger's instructions to get your own! Good luck ;)

An update on the laundry room...I got it mostly put back together only to try and do another load in the wash and it leaked again. Not nearly as bad as yesterday. To look on the brighter side, I got another load done and all other laundry is put on hold until the fix-it man can get to it :) I have an excuse ladies and gents!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

dust BUNNiES...

Don't you wish all your dust bunnies could be as cute as these fuzzy buttons. Handmade by Tennekka go over and visit her very cute shop today! She has all different colors too!

The reason I am on the topic of dust bunnies is because, well my washing machine decided to blow a water hose on me and flood my laundry room. Now my laundry room is not state of the art by any means! It is an unfinished storage room with virtually no shelf space whatsoever! Yes, my friends the one day I decided to do laundry it decides to back-fire on me! I walked into the laundry room only to find puddles of soapy water all over and let me tell you it was not pretty! At first I thought it had flooded from all of the rain we got today and I about had a heart attack since we just got our new carpet put in from the previous flood! Thankfully the water did not reach our bedroom! Anyways, back to the dust I started cleaning up and when I say clean up I mean I was getting all of the cobwebs, dirt and dust up. I was planning on tackling this project of cleaning this room in a month or so. It got done today! Let's just say about 8 years of dust is not fun to clean up and I would have much rather found these adorable buttons under my washer than what I actually did find!

Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Front Page!!!

I wasn't sure what to blog about you know...I made the front page! Yay :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

FRiENDS and a GiVEAWAY!!!!

Okay, I've been really bad at keeping up with my blog. I love blogging and reading everyone's blog. You people are my real life soap operas! Please don't take that the wrong way ;)

Today I decided to give one of my BFF some lovin'! She is super crafty, has an etsy shop, and now a blog. She is very witty and her posts are fun to read!
Introducing Kat's Krafts Go give her some blogging love today!!!!

Also, if you are anything like me than I know you love a good GiVEAWAY! So click here and leave her a comment and you could win something super cute! I will leave it a mystery so that you will have no will-power and have to click and go :) Believe me you won't regret it!

There is some major craftiness going on in my crafty room:) Fall/Thanksgiving goodies and Christmas goodies to come very soon! Speaking of craftiness/Etsy, I absolutely can't stand blatant copying! I should probably stop there since I feel my teeth starting to grind and that's not good! I know I should love all, but sometimes I find it harder with some than others. Just trying to keep it real for ya'll!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Go on a hot air balloon ride!
2. Take my kids to Disney World!
3. A short term mission trip with my hubby.
4. Travel to Europe
5. Go to NYC
6. Stay in a lavished Inn where they cater to your every need(with no kids of course) and do only what I want to do ;)
7. Write a book(even though I'm not a writer, I do have a lot to says me!)

Seven Things I CAN Do:
1. Play the Clarinet (yes, I was a band geek!)
2. Twirl a flag pole like nobody's business (I was in the color guard!)
3. Be silly
4. Balance my checkbook
5. Cut hair. I went to Cosmetology school and have my state license, I just don't like to do it!
6. This may be TMI, but I can change an ileostomy bag. Alaina had one when she was very little due to some damage to her intestines when she was in the NICU, but she came home with one and I had to learn how to take care of it. FYI, it wasn't much fun, but the nurses did say by the end I was able to do it better than them ;)
7. Be crafty and make things!!!!

Seven Things I CANNOT Do:
1. Watch Americas got Talent, ugh I can't stand that show!
2. Stay within a budget
3. Whistle
4. Back flip
5. Read HTML...that's some tough lingo!
6. Ride a bike with no hands. How do those kids do it? They sure do look cool though!
7. Resist buying ribbon or paper when in a craft store. Well, okay I have resisted before, but it's a rare day when I do!

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse:
1. His arms, I love the way they hug me.
2. His face, duh.
3. His ability to make friends no matter where we go, he's very outgoing.
4. When I see him at work. He is so important and he is very smart.
5. His belly laugh, it's so contagious.
6. When he cuddles with me.
7. His scent.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1. Geez-Louise-Parker
2. Alaina stop 'W' sitting (it's bad for her hips)
3. Addie Faith, you come here right now.
4. Stop whining(and I say it in a whiny voice! It gets them all the time!)
5. What the heck?!
6. Holy cow
7. Dude

Seven People Who I Think Should Do This:
1. The Queen of England
2. George W. Bush
3. Junie B. Jones
4. The Boogie Man
5. Yo Mama
6. Michael Jackson
7. YOU!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall is Here!!!

I love fall, don't get me wrong, but two days ago it topped off at a whopping 92 degrees. Yesterday, 86 degrees. Today, it was rainy and as I was driving the little one to school it was only 55 degrees and it had a hard time hitting the 60 degree mark today! Talk about a roller coaster weather ride...geesh! I guess that is Michigan for you in a nutshell. This happened last year, but then it got so hot again in October that we were swimming in Lake Michigan again!? So who knows what will happen this year. Maybe if this trend keeps up it will snow on Saturday? Weirder things have happened.

Hope you've been checking the shop. I have been so busy trying to create that I have like 5 projects going and I keep getting distracted. So I move onto the next project. I just recently added SURPRiSE Paper Packs to the shop. They are all made up of Bazzill Cardstock (textured) and I'm putting them together for super cheap;) There will be loads of paper in each pack. The sizes will vary, but are great for card making, matting some items, making tags... So stock up. I will soon be adding just about every color under the rainbow, but it takes me awhile to cut it all up:)

Hope you had a "sweet" day!

P.S. I am in the process of making the most adorable square paper cake right now! It will be for a larger party and it is in patterned paper that I have never used before and it is shaping up to be extremely adorable. So keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

and the WiNNER is....

Yay for winners :) I randomly chose number 11 post and that lucky gal is Lisa!
Lisa if you can just contact me through Etsy or leave me your email address I can correspond with you and find out your mailing address!
Hope you all had a great day. Even though it's not, it feels like the last day of summer!
Look for some new items in the shop starting tomorrow, including some brand new fabulous aprons!!!