Friday, August 29, 2008

It's GiVEAWAY time!!!

Well the title pretty much sums it up. This is my very first attempt at an apron! I think it turned out cute, but like anything I do the more I do them the more embellished they get! These cute little numbers will soon be in the shop. I am planning on starting a major overhaul of the shop starting after labor day! So, if you don't win this, sit tight!
How to win:
I would like you to tell me your favorite dessert. If you have more than one that's fine. Enter as many times as you would like. Plus, if you link this giveaway on your blog that is another add-in! Just make sure in one of your comments you let me know you linked me! So there are numerous chances for all! The winner will be choose this coming labor day :)
Have a "sweet" day!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today marks my one year on Etsy! Wow, I can hardly believe how far I've come in a year. Although, my "items sold" aren't into the thousands, (yet) but I've had fun all the same!

Of course you can't have an anniversary without gifts! So I decided to have a GIVEAWAY!!! You will have to wait one more day, because I am swamped up to my ears in cake SLiCES. I wish it was real cake, but as I think about it more it's probably a good thing it isn't otherwise I would weigh 1,000 lbs.
I have a new idea for DAiSYS & dots Bakery. I have not talked about it, nor have I sold any of these in the shop yet. (and no it is not the houses) So I decided what better way to start off the new product then to have a giveaway! I love these things.
Okay then, stay-tuned tomorrow for the fabulous giveaway, you won't want to miss it!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love me a port-a-potty!

Okay I really don't, but these were actually very nice! Air conditioned, running water, art work and mints! How regal :) Again, me and the sis were having way to much fun:)
This is us inside the actual port-a-potty! Nice, huh?This is our "lost" model look!
We were trying to look "hot", I think we need some work!
The View from the seat!
I would have to say all-in-all we had a blast at this wedding and I love hanging out with the fam and goofing off with my sister! Especially when everyone else is drunk, because then they won't remember how silly we were acting :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's not even Halloween!?

This is me and the hubby at a wedding we went to this past weekend! Instead of a guest book they had us dress up with props they provided, pose and take a Polaroid picture and then sign that! This was so much fun and I highly recommend this for any of you future brides out there!!!My sister with her boyfriend, a.k.a. The Gold medalist and hot bag boy!
This is my mom, dad and youngest sister :) Not sure who they were?
We thought it would be fun to randomly go back a few more times and dress up!
S-Daddy and T-Dogg fo shizal! Mid-West all the way
It's Laverne! Where's Shirley?
Ah, yes. Very intriguing!
We love to "RRR"gue!

I'll post more from the wedding tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Won't you be my NEiGHBOR?

So I've been waiting very patiently to put these little townhouses up for sale in my Etsy Neighborhood! My life has been anti-crafting for the past few months and I am ready to create again!
Every time I sit down to decorate one of these little guys they keep getting more and more elaborate:) I just love how these have smoke billowing out in such a whimsical way!
I'm not quite sure if I want to sell them as a set for fun birthday party favors or sell them individually! But one thing is for sure these are OOAK so you'll have to get them while they last!
These will hopefully be up in the shop later this week or the beginning of next week! If you see one you want contact me via comment or convo and I will RESERVE one for you!
Have a "SWEET" day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whoomp there it is...

...I thought you knew? I got my life back! FiNALLY! Here are Addie and Alaina's feet. It was morning and they were watching PBS, the sunshine was hitting their tootsies just right :) It made me jump right off the couch to take these adorable pictures!
Our Carnival/Auction Fundraiser is finally over. We have been planning since February of this year and it felt like a wedding only more stressful! If you can imagine that! The day went smooth and there were no glitches! Amazing!!
Addie enjoying a sno-cone:)
Alaina really was only interested in the duck pond! Crazy girl:) My sister Sarah posing with the stilt walker! We all had a very fun day and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!!!
After everything is said and done we raised a little over $13,000. This is exactly enough to cover her surgery! Praise be to God! Plus, on a side note we keep getting checks in the mail which is pushing our total to a little over $14,000! Which will go toward her schooling. God is so good. So now we don't have to foreclose on the house;) this is a huge financial stress reliever! Thank you to everyone who donated and prayed for our family. Alaina's surgery is scheduled for September 30th so I will keep giving you updates on that:)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In 4 days I will have my LiFE back :)

Yes that is right people our huge fund-raiser for Alaina is this coming Saturday.
This is why I have been so absent! Forgive me.
Right now my van is overflowing with, not children, but 200 bottles of water, mounds of soda pop, aprons for the workers, rubber bands galore for the water balloon yo-yo's I'm going to make in the next day or two, 300 lunch sacks for the kiddo's to hold their prizes, a life size portrait that one of the local photographers did of her(she had her own modeling session!), 300 flyers that are going to be handed out at the local farmer's market this coming Friday, a ton of Kleenex, since my cold is still lingering and I am constantly blowing my nose, and a partridge in a pear tree!
I will post pictures next week sometime. Right now I am off to clean the house, because we are getting our carpets cleaned tomorrow morning, cook dinner and then go out for more supply shopping!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My head is in the clouds, but I still crafted!

Okay today I woke up with one of the worst head colds known to man (I am a huge baby when I am sick! Everyone else around here is, so why can't I be?) Anyways, it has progressively gotten worse and now my entire body aches, even my fingertips! Yet I managed to craft this morning. Thank goodness, because if I would've waited the only thing that I would've mustered up was enough energy to moan and I would expect my husband to know what each moan means! Didn't this turn out adorable?! I got the idea from Little Bit Funky and Jane Says I'm given my girls props. I don't plan on selling these in my shop, I thought it was a fun idea for a gift. It was my first attempt and I was sick, so maybe they will get better the more I do them? But for today I thought it was fabulous!
So if you think of me won't you say a little prayer for me? I'm thinking I might just have to go to the dreaded doctor's! Ugh....
I better go for now before my brain implodes and my eyes bug out of my head!

Friday, August 1, 2008

LiFE is CRAZY!!!!

Life has been so crazy lately and I am tired and stressed. However I am trying to find the good in it all so it's not making me go insane! God has shown himself over and over again in my life lately with everything that is going on! Especially with the fundraiser! It's only two weeks away and I really can't wait until it is OVER!!!! I like to plan parties, but not this big! I am so thankful for the faithful ladies that are helping me out! So if you read this, thank you Trina, Melanie, Flora and Margorie! A lot has happened since last time I wrote. I haven't been doing much with blogging or Etsy, just until the fundraiser is over. Those things seemed like they could wait more so then my family and so I needed to put them on the back burner so to speak!
Here are a few pictures of our little vacation we took Up-North! We were watching "daddy" fish and it got a little boring for us girls, so we decided to try and spell some words with the sticks that were laying around:)
These are the two baby deer that were stalking the yard the whole weekend! At one point they actually were running through the yard! They would talk to each other to try and find one another! Very cute:) The girls loved it! It was so calm and peaceful up there, a perfect getaway!
I'll post the rest of the pictures later!
If you think of it say a little prayer for me! I really can't wait until this fundraiser is over, talk about having ulcers, ugh!