Thursday, July 10, 2008


Okay, I am going on a much needed vacation:) We are so excited. My best friends momma is letting us use her cabin up north for a minimal cost! Thanks Momma C :) The only problem is there was a bear citing last week...scary!!!
Jer told me last night what to do if we ran into a bear that was...ugh let's just say interested in us!
  • Don't look at the bear, and SLOWLY walk away...if that doesn't work
  • Puff yourself up and scream like a crazy person...if that doesn't work
  • I say run like H*** :), but he says
  • Get face down on the ground and cover your ears

So there you have it folks, lets hope that I don't have to any of the above:) It's probably my...I don't know what that kicked into overdrive when I heard about the bear. I was sure I needed to get our will in order, because we would be eaten by a bear! Ha, Ha, I'm not joking. Thankfully I'm married to a great guy with a wonderful awesome head on his shoulders!

So have a great weekend ya'll!


Bethany said...

Hope you have a super fun weekend! And BE CAREFUL out there!!

Jan said...

Have a great time in a cabin. The bear is a very scary thing.

We have a cabin and have seen bears ourselves. One came right by us while picking huckleberries. He was just as scared of us though. Thanks goodness.

Have a safe return.